Terrestrial 3D Scanning

By sending laser pulses in their direction and measuring the resulting distance, it obtains the XYZ coordinates of multiple sites on land.

Terrestrial 3D Scanning

Terrestrial Scanning: Terrestrial Laser Scanners work by emitting an invisible laser to measure 3D points.
Exterior Scanning: A laser beam measures various dimensions of the structure such as the length, width, and height.
Interior Scanning:  A technique for accurately mapping an area using a laser.

scan up to one million points per second

  • Terrestrial 3D Scanning is a stationary scanner and can scan up to one million points per second, yielding point densities of tens of thousands of points per square meter.
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Terrestrial Lidar

Terrestrial Lidar has been applied to forest inventory measurements (plot cartography, species recognition, diameter at breast height, tree height, stem density, basal area and plot-level wood volume estimates) and canopy characterisation.