3D Scanning

Seamless Marine Inspection Unlocking Vessel Design

Gone are the days of traditional manual inspections and subjective assessments. Today, ship owners, operators, and regulatory bodies can rely on the remarkable capabilities of 3D ship scanning to navigate the complex intricacies of vessel integrity, structural analysis, and compliance.

Applications of 3D Scanning for Design, Maintenance, and Inspection

Hull Inspections:3D scanning enables thorough assessment of a ship’s hull condition, detecting corrosion, cracks, deformations, or other structural issues.
Structural Analysis: It helps in analyzing the integrity and performance of ship structures, identifying weaknesses, and supporting structural optimization efforts.
Equipment Maintenance:3D scanning aids in monitoring equipment condition, predicting failures, and optimizing maintenance strategies to minimize downtime.
Retrofitting and Repair: By capturing precise measurements, 3D scanning supports retrofitting projects, ensuring proper fit and alignment of new components.
Documentation and Archiving: It provides a digital record of a ship’s condition over time, aiding in documentation, compliance, and historical analysis.

Envisioning Ship Design with 3D Scanning Expertise

By utilizing our ship 3D scanning service, you can obtain highly accurate digital models of your vessel’s structural components. This data facilitates seamless integration and precise positioning of BWTS equipment, ensuring compliance with regulations and smooth installation processes

Moreover, our 3D scanning data aids in ship maintenance by providing comprehensive documentation of the ship’s condition. This enables proactive maintenance planning, accurate damage assessment, and efficient repairs, ultimately reducing downtime and optimizing vessel performance

Expertise with Experience:

With 3d scanning multiple vessels we got hands-on experience and deep domain expertise in capturing insights.
Achieving a flawless BIM model necessitates capturing over 700 scanning shots a vessel for optimal precision and accuracy. Our team’s seasoned expertise ensures the delivery of top-notch 3D scanning solutions tailored to meet your specific needs and surpass your expectations.