Architectural 3D scanning

From Stone to Pixels: Transforming Statues Digitally with 3D Scanning

Welcome to ScanEra, We showcase the game-changing benefits of 3D scanning for both commercial and residential buildings. With the power of 3D Scanning technology, we bring you accurate measurements, immersive virtual tours, conflict detection, and enhanced decision-making—all designed to revolutionize how you experience and manage spaces.
Explore our content and discover how 3D scanning can redefine your approach to building design, real estate, and facility management

3D Scanning for a Commercial Building

  • Accurate Space Measurement:
    3D scanning ensures precise measurement of the commercial building, providing architects and designers with accurate floor plans and dimensions.
    This allows for efficient space planning and optimal utilization of available areas.
  • Virtual Tours for Marketing:
    With 3D scanning, commercial property owners can create immersive virtual tours of the building. Potential tenants and investors can explore the space remotely,
    attracting more interest and expediting the leasing or selling process.
  • Conflict Detection and Risk Mitigation:
    3D scanning helps identify potential clashes or conflicts in the building’s structure and systems, reducing the risk of costly errors during construction or renovation.
  • Facility Management and Maintenance:
    The detailed as-built documentation from 3D scanning assists facility managers in efficiently managing the building, tracking maintenance needs,
    and making informed decisions for repairs and upgrades.
  • Time and Cost Savings:
    3D scanning minimizes the need for manual measurement, reducing surveying time and associated costs, allowing project teams to work more efficiently.
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3D Scanning for a Residential Building

  • Accurate Interior Design and Renovation:
    3D scanning provides accurate data on the residential building’s interior,
    enabling interior designers and renovators to create precise plans and visualizations for remodeling projects.
  • Enhanced Property Marketing:
    Including 3D scans on real estate websites enhances property marketing. Potential homebuyers can virtually explore the property,
    increasing engagement and interest in the listing.
  • Homebuyers’ Decision Making:
    3D scanning empowers homebuyers to make better-informed decisions remotely. They can assess the property’s layout, size,
    and potential before scheduling an in-person visit, saving time and effort.
  • Historical Preservation:
    For historic residential buildings, 3D scanning captures the architectural details and condition, preserving the property’s heritage and aiding restoration efforts.
  • Insurance and Documentation:
    The comprehensive 3D documentation of a residential building serves as valuable insurance documentation. In case of damages or accidents,
    the detailed scans can assist with claim processes.


Expertise With Experience

At ScanEra Digital, our extensive expertise and years of experience in 3D scanning for both commercial and residential buildings set us apart. With a dedicated team of skilled professionals, cutting-edge technology, and a proven track record of successful projects, we deliver accurate measurements, immersive virtual tours, and seamless conflict detection. Let us be your trusted partner in reshaping the way you approach building design, real estate, and facility management. Experience the future of 3D scanning with us.